Witness to Love

Being a witness to love is a gift.

My son asked me today if I’ve ever seen the future and the answer was simply


I saw, long ago, the heart space I wanted to create. I saw the home I wanted to channel, the babies I would host in my belly … I saw their toes and sparkly eyes, smelled their soft blonde curls. Oh they were so beautiful – and we adored eachother.

There was sunshine peeking through curtains, candles flickering , music filled moments. Dance, laughter… I felt skin against my skin, hands in my hair…

I dreamt all of this.

I felt firm ground, soft grass tickling my feet, the collective embrace of wildflower air beckoning me stop and taste the moment. I did – because in my vision of the future, I understood magic. I understood that a collection of beauty infused moments was the life recording I wanted to master.

It’s not enough to see a future though. One must actively participate in the life they want. For me, I’ve never dreamt about big bank accounts and square footage and “class” – these things seemed like they were out of my control…but I knew that who I was would always be determined by me.

My dreams have centered around experiences I can create for myself and others. These experiences are full of treasure that’s of heaven, portals to our Divine nature, they are moments richly infused with love abundance.

I knew that I couldn’t give the gift of time but I could use my minutes to be a love experience for the multiverse. My own prism soul would be a drop that not only rippled, but that carried with it a multilingual song of Spirit. I would be color. I would be refreshing. I would be comfort and rest and empathy. That’s what I wanted to be, and what I still grow to be…and so I AM.

Your whole life is an opportunity to witness magic, to take part in the dance of light, and to recognize simplicity as grandeur.

To live a life of impact doesn’t mean that you have to do big things. Greatness starts in your own soul – living with yourself in gentleness, transparency, but also accountability. You are beautifully and wonderfully made and you are already seen by the One that Loves You Most. You can stay right there, in the spotlight of majestic grace and affection, or you can expand out of the circle and begin to pull all others to the stage with you.

You can become the spotlight that now shines on all beings.

Being a witness to love is a gift…but oh beloved…to reside in love is otherworldly.

Not only are you the receiver, but you also can become the source from Source and the eternal giver of goodness.

I still see my future – and yours.

It’s beautiful.

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