This is True

I thank You for every song.

My chin tilts toward the heavens, my soul soars and mingles with lilac breeze. I float in beauty, caught up in the gift of such perfect moments.

Your sunshine love fills my being, warm tingly expansiveness stretches and fills every space I occupy…feet in the soil, arms lifted high…reaching for my Lover.

This is the space I live in. This is why I was sent to this realm and I know this is true.

I am love. When the fires of fear pull me toward lower states of being…You extinguish them with reminders of Your forever love. The ant, working tirelessly for others, the aspens growing towards You, carrying scars and knots and all knowing eyes tucked into pure white forms. It’s all from You…for me.

Last night, in a moment of conscious devotion, I came to You. Hands energized, my scalp buzzing with electricity. I was directed to the Sacred Text of Wisdom.

“send me Your message my sweet Spirit. Send me Your words so that I might live in alignement.”

My mind’s eye knew where to turn, with my eyes closed….my thumb grazed down the page and was directed to stop. I opened my eyes and read :

“You’re all going to feel that you world is falling apart and that it’s my fault. There’s a Scripture that says,

I will strike the shepherd; the sheep will go helter – skelter.

But after I am raised up, I will go ahead of you, leading the way to Galilee.

Peter blurted out “even if everyone else is ashamed of you when things fall to pieces, I won’t be.”

I understand.

Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will never fear evil. The truth lives in me and I am pure light. Sometimes I feel that I am too loud, that I take up too much space. Sometimes my mind says “don’t say that, they will think you aren’t loving.”

My soul whispers “hush my love, they don’t think…so they don’t know.”

You know. You are All Knowing. Your light path shines before me, and I walk in peace and truth and fearlessness towards the new awake world where everyone can stare at a tree and feel Your sweet love. I march to Zion and call over my shoulder “come my friends, sing the song of honey. Taste rain in your skin. Hear the color of Spirit Devotion and be radiant in all that you do because you are all Sons and Daughters of the Divine.”

I leap with joy as I near You. My toes are free and my arms wild and my heart pure bliss because it knows the way. I take up the space of my story. Full ownership, full embodiment, full pleasure.

Even if they deny You, I will love them. Even if they can’t see, I will be the eyes of unconditional love. I have eyes to see and hears to hears and everyday You invite me to know more truths, to see more beauty, to taste more sweetness.

I will sing of your love for All Life at the top of my lungs. My frequency is magnetic because it pulls toward You.

I will never deny the truth that You reveal in my active pursuit of Spirit. I will stomp on wickedness and strip it of any power over me and those I love. If it yields I may invite it for tea.

I will shine my light so bright that only goodness can breath into my life.

But mostly, my Sweet One, I will stand tall in beauty with You as my backbone, Your grace my voice, and Your strength my motivation.

This is true.

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