Message of the Wind

All Loving Divine, I’m here. I lean my head back and feel grass cradle my head, the ground is strong, warm, stable beneath my skin. I think it itches a little, but the vantage point of butterflies, shifting clouds, and dancing leaves is worth a moment of discomfort. You told me to come – here I am.

I sit beneath the trees, the air stirs and I feel Your Sweet Embrace. I know it’s You because You are so very good – and this is good, and so am I. You are so sweet to me, intoxicating…I crave You every moment of every day. Sometimes I play hard to get because I want You so badly, that just a drive by conversation doesn’t fill me. I want more. I’m greedy with Your company because when I’m with You, I’m completely me. Expansive, free, transcending everything that no longer serves the Light of my Soul. I dream about the day I exit the weight of my body, and only the lightness of spirit exists.

“Be Here Now, You have only begun. I will love others through You” is the message of the wind .

A leaf tickled my arm just then – I wonder what’s so funny.

The birds call from the woods and my tiny form peeks over their nest, witnessing the magic of incubation. I think how I’ve almost lost my shell but not quite. There’s still a hardness, a demand in my subconscious to hold on to what’s known, what’s safe. The temptation to stay small and bound is so great because I know, in my center, my wings can take me anywhere.

I’m afraid of heights my dearest Lord. So afraid. All those dreams of falling through the air, past clouds and blue and waking up just before I become part of the ground. The physical pain doesn’t doesn’t scare me – I’ve been there before countless times. I’m afraid…of letting You down.

“You can’t. Just be free” I hear You whisper.

A petite white butterfly drifts by at this very moment. I notice it’s grace, it’s presence as it dips and dives over grass, through sunshine, past my beloved weeds. It lives so magically, so beautifully, so carefree for it’s full time here, in this realm.

I understand.

The butterfly, the bee, even the Miller Moth are exactly as You made them. They fly free not worrying if the viewer prefers monarchs or grey or chickadees. They just exist, in the full expression of themselves, doing exactly what it is that You sent them to do for however long it is that they are here. They have no worry, no expectations – they just delight in being their authentic selves…sitting on dandelion thrones and living for the moment the porch light flickers.

I have eyes to see and ears to hear and I understand the message.

You again, fill my cup. Just a moment with You is sweeter then the purest honey, more glorious then a thousand sunsets. I will sing of Your love forever.

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