new light. shifting ocean of clouds, moon nightlight dimming

but still permeating the sky with glow and shine and it makes my soul happy to just look up,

because my heart follows and for a second, gets lost in bird flight, and song, and every other thing that feels free.

mornings bring new opportunity to release what I imagined these years would be like, and to accept the beautiful reality of what is…which is more than I could have dreamt – how often do we underestimate the magic of this lifetime?

if I could sink into this one and only now

because it’s all that is , and all to soon will slip away…and only remain a piece of a story

of early mornings and too much coffee

as I wrestle with toddler sleep cycles and my own tired but grateful heart.

These moments are precious,

like the breath we consume, tirelessly, consistently

like the earth we walk on, and dance on…dig into with hands, and tools, and forget to say “thank you”

precious like persistent sunshine…warming us from the inside out, day after day

a gift like flowing water, with just the turn of a knob

hours and more hours

pass by

sunrises and sunsets barely visible in the city

because we forget to search

for the gifts of Spirit in the ordinary, extraordinary

signs are there

spines in leaves and pulses of trees and faces in flowers.

They are all there, to support us in this moment

as we are here to support them, and enjoy their company, and be diligent in our protection and love for all of life.

The beauty of the present is more then a gift,

because it doesn’t need to be unwrapped, or accepted, or exchanged

it just simply is

its a constant part of existence. it isn’t given, it’s just there

it isn’t yours to receive, or reject or suffer through – it’s yours to be aware of,

as part of you

as a reflection of your uniqueness.

It’s there. Always will be…for as long as you have breath and the awareness to take notice – you will always have a present moment.

Just as the sky cradles the moon,

and the air lifts the hawk

and purity is consistently found in the most vulnerable

you are here as a constant expression of goodness, creativity, strength and softness.

You are light, and earth, and water but mostly you are spirit, here to reflect Spirit

just as all of the moments do.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

May the peace of the One That Loves You Most bring you comfort by day, rest in the night, and bliss eternally.

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