bending breaking bark, wings flutter

light catches my eye…Your sunny nourishment glides down my spine and takes rest deep in my womb, illuminating me with warmth and purpose and shine.

there You dwell in me and I in You – a dance of love and belonging and me constantly working through the polarities of this world and the kingdom inside.

“oh my love” You call through the warmth in rocks

“oh my love” You whisper through the tender breeze

“oh my love” You laugh through rushing creeks

“oh my love, stop working…and just be.”

Just this moment, I can let everything go.

Just this moment, I can breathe in and know that this sacred breath is holy.

Just this moment I can feel my human and be grateful.

Just this moment I connect to the limitless authentic love of Spirit and know that this is truly who I am.

Everlasting, existing in all – keeper of light, daughter of dawn, servant of Love.

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