It’s spring. Of course You know that.

The world is full of worry and loss right now. Spirit, my heart cries for the hurting, for the universal shake up, for the thousands that have had to say goodbye to earthly bodies and the comfort of feeling loved ones tangibly near.

Spirit, it’s spring. I thought you knew that.

The tulip bulbs are sprouting up, and even though snow is dancing around their waxy green leaves, my heart feels lifted. It’s a strange lift…a shift in energy…it’s knowing that something good will come after this storm has passed…because it always does, all of the time. It’s the Great Cycle of life…forests burn and regrow, leaves drop then return, volcanoes erupt and wipe out and then new beaches form…souls exit and new ones enter. Maybe what I feel is hope?

Yes, Divine Love, that’s exactly what it is – I feel Your hope.

Spirit, it’s spring. Of course You know that.

It’s You that has called the buds to show themselves, the days to grow longer, the birds to find their way back. The signs are everywhere – don’t let the fear of this moment cover the signs. My window prisms glow longer, brittle leaves have blown away, wildlife’s bellies are inhabited with new life. Don’t let me miss the signs my sweet, loving Spirit.

Spirit, it’s spring. For some reason, today of all days, you have sent snow.

I know why. It’s a push for those of us that need a push – it’s the “extra” for the ones practicing contentment in all things, it’s the quiet for those in need of stillness. It’s cleansing and jolting and not expected. It’s not what I want, but it’s what I need. You always give what I need – in pain and in suffering and in comfort and in happiness. In days with less I feel more…in times of universal sadness, loving energy is awakened in me and I find the time in my selfish world to send out prayers. In times of not knowing, I’m shown that I have THE KNOWING – that You are the Master Designer and my soul bows to the promise that It Is Well With my Soul…because You shelter in Me.

Loving Universe, it’s spring today and I feel so much joy that I was named for you.

Alyssa Spring – or as dad calls me… “Springtime.”

Winter has passed, at least in theory…and my heart seeks new growth continually. Prana moves upward like blades of grass pushing through packed soil, like flowers spinning towards the sun – I dance towards Your sweetness and know that the reason I can…is because everlasting life is in me. Forever Yours, forever alive, forever able to learn new lessons for my Higher good.

I’m humbled by Your power, I sit in adoration of your extreme goodness – I love all That You Are. You’re sweeter then honey, You’re brighter then the stars, stiller then the moon…more encompassing then air and more solid then earth. You are the first One in my mind upon waking, and the last One I thank before slumber.

Even now, in the spring that doesn’t feel like spring, I know hope. You are Universal Shelter, You are the calming tea for worldwide nerves, You are the abundance in a time of lack. You are the reality. There is nothing to fear, there is never less when the soul finds hope in Love.

Spirit…happy spring.

With So Much Love,


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