Knock Knock

Spirit, I see you. I see you everywhere. Lilac perfume breezes through the window, my soul reaches for it…the beautiful… and twirls with the scent, just me and sweetness and feelings. Light peers through the glass and leaves glow and I find You in the whiteness of clouds ,and the blue of the sky, and in the small orb that found my photo. Is that You? Is it one of yours telling me that I’m One too? I think it is.

Spirit, you fill me with kindness and love and I feel small but also like I am everything. I am. I am everything.

Divine Love, are you there? Are you hiding behind the trees…under the roots…in colors of brown and greens and even shades that I don’t see? Are you here, in the forest watching me …leading me to beauty and to stillness and to adventure? Leading me to wonder? Are You that electric current vibrating in my crown, down my spine…through my toes and in my song? Is that You Spirit? Oh I hope so…because…I don’t know myself without You.

Majestic Source, Lover of my Soul, I hear you in the water. You rush and crash and tumble down rocks and I feel your splash, your spring of life…bubbling…deep down in my being. That must be You…eternal fountain. I have found the One I’ve waited for…You are in there, and in here, and in him…and in ME and there is no where I can go to hide from You. Holy Father, Kingdom of the heaven in me, You are the One I am here to adore. My being walks beside You, my voice sings and whispers for You, because you are Love and so am I.

I dance.

I am the lilac scent and the girl that delights in it. I am the swaying tree and the light glowing in shadows…I am the water and the lover of the boy staring at its rushing. You are in me and I in You and this is fabulous.

No one can separate me from Your Love. I am light, I am song, I am beauty, I am compassion and kind and giving and strong because You made me to be all of those things. Spirit…are you there? Are you that bird that just came to the window and pierced me with his eyes? Was that butterfly resting next to me your messenger? Am I that special, that important that You would make all of this beauty… for me?

Are these my wishes? All of them…? Really? Then I’ll take them…and share them…and I’m going to wish. One, two, three…blowwwwww. I wish for laughter and I wish for love and I wish to fill up the cups of anything that I can fill. Vegetable soup for the hungry and water for the thirsty and friendship for the lonely. I can give love to souls and laughter to ears and strength to weakness. I give it all back…I give the light and the flower perfume and the dance. I send the messenger to another soul that needs reminding…I send the birds and the butterflies and the blue of the sky and I give it back with a kiss of hope and a simple prayer :

Let me always find You, let me always see You…and let them too.

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