Feedings of Love

I wake up again.The room is dark and I dream that it’s early morning, but I know it’s not. The clock reads 1 am – five hours to go. Five hours of not sleeping. Five hours of dreams without conclusions, five hours of duvets and comforters suffocating me, five hours of leaning my breasts from side to side, wondering when you’ll get your fill and when will I get mine.
Spirit tells me “only now….not five hours later….just now.” The comforters are soft against me, the light from the salt lamp is soft, your skin is soft … my heart is soft. Pliable. My mind is growing as I sleep, my love is growing when I wake, you are growing from taking part of me into you. I love you now at 1 am. I give you everything at 1 am – I give you my dreams, I give you my milk and my mommy smell and all the cozy bits of me – I can give them this moment.

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